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Based on the definition above, we use possessive pronouns to tell about something that one owns. For example – This pencil is mine. The pencil is yours now. Possessive pronouns are a replacement of nouns.

Possessive pronouns

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How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included. This activity contains two cootie catchers, totaling 16 questions, and contains the followi Possessive pronouns and determiners (les pronoms et déterminants possessifs) indicate possession or belonging. They agree in gender and number with the noun that they describe (determiners) or replace (pronouns). Learn about possessive pronouns and determiners in French grammar with Lingolia, then test yourself in the free exercises.

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Some possessive pronouns have multiple uses — e.g. ‘ihr/Ihr’ can mean hers, theirs OR Yours [you, formal]’. Possessive pronouns are nearly identical to possessive determiners (they both have the same ‘roots’), but sometimes take different declensions.

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For example: if the subject is jag, the word (my) is either min, mitt, or mina if the noun is en, ett, or plural. Not all of the possessive pronouns have three forms; some only have one. 3.2 Possessive pronouns. To possess = att äga.

Possessive pronouns

Like possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns are used in the same way for both single and plural nouns – there are no different forms. Don’t get them mixed up!
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Possessive pronouns

As a reminder, the possessive adjectives are: -my,  Here's a list of possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns. my — mine your — yours his — his her — hers our — ours their — theirs. Your house is small. English possessive pronouns are: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs.

Possessives: my / mine Adjectives and pronouns - exercises. Possessive pronouns - grammar.
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Possessive pronouns and adjectives. Possessives: my / mine Adjectives and pronouns - exercises. Possessive pronouns - grammar. Possessive pronouns and adjectives.

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What's mine is yours, Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun; I: me my: mine: you: you: your: yours: he: him his: his: she: her her: hers: it: it: its-we: us our: ours: they: them their: theirs Possessive Pronouns We use possessive pronouns to refer to a specific person/people or thing/things (the "antecedent") belonging to a person/people (and sometimes belonging to an animal/animals or thing/things).